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Broken glass on a trail

Our Story

We believe in creating art that tells a unique story of sustainability and creativity, adding character and depth to your surroundings.

Clean Trails & Art.

We love artwork that creates feelings of coziness and well-being. Our family of hikers scours the trails around Butte, Montana for broken glass, removes the sharp edges and creates one-of-a-kind artwork. Established in 2023, our goal is to slowly clean up our area and create beautiful, hygge-style decor with recycled glass. If we see glass, we pick it up and create Montana See Glass.

Kids collecting broken glass from trail
Small bags of Montana See Glass

Our Process

Our whole family collects glass from our local trails, cleans and sort it, then tumbles it for at least a week in the "Mega Glass Monster". It is then transferred to a smaller tumbler with a sea-like mixture. After 7-10 days it's ready for final prep! We are investing in larger equipment with the ultimate goal to support glass recycling in our region. We also donate 10% of profits to local art programs. The real reward is seeing cleaner trails with each batch!

Sharp broken glass and smooth Montana See Glass
Our glass processing machine

Recent Art Examples

Framed art of trees made of glass

My Happy Place

Nature unfolds as a sanctuary of tranquility and vibrant life in "My Happy Place". Recycled glass and tumbled stones on paper.

Framed art of a flower made of glass


The first bright colors of the season pop through the snow and reach for the sky in "Spring". Recycled glass on Paper.

Framed art of a butterlfy made of glass

Butterfly Wings

Brightly colored "Butterfly Wings" flap in the warm air beckoning wandering eyes in need of a silent break. Recycled glass on paper.

Framed art of a lighthouse made of glass

Salty Air

A lone ship finds a lighthouse as it sails through calm seas on a sunny day in "Salty Air". Recycled glass on paper.

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