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  • Is all of your glass recycled?
    Yes! Most of our glass comes from the trails around Butte, Montana. In the winter when the trails are covered in snow, we accept bottles and broken glass from the community.
  • Do you ship?
    Yes! We currently ship our products anywhere in the US including Alaska and Hawaii. International shipping is coming soon! Message us with any questions.
  • Are you open to custom requests?
    Yes! Message us with ideas for a gift or a special idea. We are happy to work with you and will let you know if we have the glass to support your vision!
  • Can you really find all of the colors of glass out on the trails?
    We find mostly common bottle colors (brown, green and clear) on the trails. Sometimes, the manganese in clear glass that has been sitting in the sun will turn different colors over time. The hardest colors for us to find are red, orange and yellow.
  • Are your shipping materials recyclable?
    Yes! We strive to decrease our footprint as much as possible. Our boxes are made of recycled materials and can be recycled as well as our bubble wrap. Our packing peanuts are compostable as well.
  • Do you have a phone number?
    Not yet. Please email us at or message us on Facebook or Instagram and we will be happy to set up a video call if that is easier.
  • Do your kids really compose some of this art?
    Yes! This whole project started as a learning opportunity for our family to figure out together. Our 7-year-old created the logo and also helps create some of the framed pieces. Our 4-year-old is fantastic at gluing the larger pieces and getting everything ready for in person events. He is also a champ at hanging pieces on the wall at our partner stores.
  • Do you wholesale your bags of glass?
    We will happily wholesale our bags of glass for any small business that has a similar vision for recycling and earth-friendly art. We do not wholesale our art pieces, but will pay a % for wall space. Message us to discuss further.
  • Do you make your frames?
    Not yet. We are saving up to buy some new tools to create hand-made wooden frames. We hope to have this implemented in late 2024.
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